Angel, Zambian Film Fixer Extraordinaire

The film production industry in Africa is blossoming and new talent is being discovered every day both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Zambia is no exception and in terms of behind the scenes talent is a very talented lady named Angel Hoare.

Rich Production Experience

Angel Hoare, Zambian Fixer/Local producer
Adventure is in the blood of Zambian Fixer, Angel

Angel has been involved in the film industry in Zambia for many years now and boasts of having participated in well-known local and international productions.

The list is quite impressive with big name TV shows such as  Amazing Race Australia, Amazing Race Israel, Occupation Double, Around  World  with  80-year olds and Top Secret Waterfalls for the Travel Channel. Locally she has been involved in big name shows for Zambezi Magic; Turn of Fortune, Amooye and Makofi, to name a few.

In these productions her roles have varied from Production Assistant to Assistant Director and Associate Producer. All very exciting and crucial roles in production.

Production Fixing Work In Zambia

In terms of production fixing work she has coordinated for a documentary for the African Development Bank on African Regional Integration. But, the icing on the cake must surely be working as a local production assistant for scenes shot in Zambia for the blockbuster movie Black Panther! An appropriate achievement given that one of the things she really enjoys from all her varied roles is fixing for productions.

Angel doing film fixing work for the Blockbuster movie Black Panther In Livingstone, Zambia
Angel doing film fixing work for the Blockbuster movie Black Panther In Livingstone, Zambia

Asked why this is so she points to her love of travel, adventure and discovering new and exciting places as what she really enjoys about being a Zambian fixer. She also enjoys meeting new people in diverse settings from the city scene to the village or wildlife scene.

Which is good, because when you are as personable and easy going to work with as she is a great personality comes in handy in terms of getting things done in a timely manner and on budget. It seems people cannot help but fall in love with her energetic and friendly demeanour.

As far as Zambia goes she is well travelled and promises to scout any production the right location for their film production work.

A Knack For Getting Things Done Well, & On Time

Angel at one of the many spectacular falls she has on her list of film sites for Zambia

She points out that often times clients are on very tight timeliness and budgets with little time to be in a particular location and therefore it is important to be highly organised and detailed in planning as a production coordinator.This is particularly the case for international crews that are in country for short periods of time with a lot to do, she adds.

Which is why having the right contacts and knowing the procedures for getting the various permits required for fixing work in a country like Zambia is critical. It can be a very challenging task to get around getting customs clearance for equipment to come into the country, press passes, drone permits, booking locations, permits for heritage sites and street filming, coordinating location managers and all.  But she makes it all look so easy with her diverse experience.  

A Long (& Secret) List of Spectacular Sites For Any Film Production

It is not always glamorous and sometimes you have to do the heavy lifting with film production work
It is not always glamorous and sometimes you have to do the heavy lifting with film production work

Asked what her favourite sites are she points to the many wonderful waterfalls around the country that offer spectacular backdrops to any scene, starting with her hometown Livingstone, with the famous Mosi-Oa-Tunya or Victoria Falls.

But she has a whole list of falls and amazing sites she has been to around the country which she keeps very hush about. In this industry knowledge is power and she knows that very well.

Which means I must stop prodding and simply say that it was wonderful to have this chat with her regarding this work.

Contact Angel for All Your Production Fixing Work In Zambia

If ever you aren’t familiar with local filming requirements in Zambia or need assistance sourcing local crew, equipment or other support services, Angel will provide all the logistical support needed for your production. You can reach her on the details below:


Phone or Whatsapp: +260976024229

Here Are a Few More Exciting Sites From Her Work & Adventures