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Photography Journey

The following is an excerpt from his book “Destiny on Purpose“, briefly describing his photography journey.

“Many roads to destiny and greatness”

Once you stop defining yourself by your work and qualifications you will see that many more opportunities open for you. Things you did not consider possible for you become possible. You let go of your self-imposed and society-imposed restrictions and limitations.

One of the things I recently took up that I have become very passionate about is photography. It all started when I bought my first proper camera. Before then I had stuck to my phone like most people. I had some change after a work trip and saw this red Nikon at the airport. I thought, why not? Once I got started experimenting with it I could not stop.

I took pictures of everything from flowers to tiny insects using the digital zoom. Through that I got curious as to what else I could do with it. It was not long before the limitations of an amateur level camera restricted me and I started reading more about professional level, DSLR or digital single-lens reflex, cameras. Soon afterwards, I invested in one, and later got an upgrade.

I take decent photos now and enjoy it immensely. I consider photography to be one of my best investments ever. It has made me more aware and present, always looking for that unique photo opportunity. As a result, I now also enjoy game viewing and safaris for the photography opportunities they offer.

I am often invited to take photos for friends and family at special events. My coffee table book on photography from my travels around my beautiful country, Zambia, is soon to be published. At work, I am the “official photographer” and will often multitask between participating in or leading a meeting and taking photos. Even when I travel out of the country my colleagues have come to expect great photos from me for whatever meeting we are having.

My reputation as a photographer is surely spreading. I am not shy to walk around in meetings taking photos, even for my relatively senior position in my career. Many people would consider that something for the more junior people to do.

But my philosophy is always to do what I love to do and to be free of societal pressures to conform or behave a certain way. After all, most of society is dull and uninspiring anyway, so why follow them?”

[End of excerpt]

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