Break free of your limitations

“In ‘Destiny On Purpose’, Dr Moses Simuyemba shows you how to live on purpose and fulfil your destiny by using five simple but powerful principles. Discover how you can achieve more and live a more impactful, happier and fulfilled life.”

The search for meaning & purpose

The search for meaning and purpose in life can be challenging, confusing and sometimes frustrating. You might already be successful or working very hard at it, but somehow still dissatisfied. Sometimes, life seems pointless and tiresome.  You may have an inclination, like many do, that you are meant to do more, you could utilise more of your potential and be more fulfilled and happy.

Think of two or three people that you would say achieved their destiny and lived purposeful lives. What are the actions of these people that enabled them to do so? Do you do those things and do you think you will be able to achieve your destiny like they did?

You can determine your destiny 

Often, we think of destiny as fate and out of our control, but over the years, I have come to learn that we are more in control of our destinies than we think. That is why he is so excited to share this guide to living on purpose and fulfilling your destiny.

Your destiny can be achieved on purpose, not by chance. A life of meaning and purpose is available to you if you are willing to find it and work at it. You can have clarity on your path and be able to take charge of your life. Fulfilment and happiness are attainable.

Take control of your destiny on purpose

Destiny On Purpose – Unleash Your Greatness, In Five Simple Steps

This book shows you how and illustrates five critical principles that you can implement starting right now to be more on purpose and on your way to fulfilling your destiny. The exciting part is that these are things that are largely in your power and control.

Take control of your destiny on purpose.

In Destiny On Purpose, Dr Moses Simuyemba shows you how to unleash your greatness, using five simple but powerful principles.

Learn how to live on purpose and fulfil your destiny for a more successful, happier, and impactful life.

– Discover the Five “P”s of destiny

– Break through your barriers

– Improve your ability to live with passion and focus

– Take control of your life and your results

– Identify opportunities for focused progress

“I take great pride in this work. It is a culmination of my learning in personal development and success in life over the past two decades or so. It is my gift to humanity in sharing what I have learnt in forty years of living. It is my gift to you, to help you on your journey and to help you unleash your greatness, no matter what stage of it you are at.” Dr Moses Simuyemba