Shorten & Simplify Your Path To Success

A maze of advice

So much confusing advice ou there on how to succeed

There is a lot of material out there about how to be successful in life. There are also a lot of different formulas about how to go about it. It can be hard and frustrating to know just which ones really work and that you should invest your time in.

But in almost three decades of reading and writing on personal development, I have found that it really boils down to five simple principles that you have to follow to be successful, happy, fulfilled and impactful in life.

That is why I wrote the book “Destiny On Purpose”. It is about how to unleash your greatness, in five simple steps. Yes, that is all you need to know to be great in life and to truly be everything you want to be.

Avoid the confusion, frustration and gimmicks

Shorten and simplify your path to success, fulfilment and happiness

This book cuts through all the unnecessary clutter, noise and gimmicks, to give you a simple way to succeed in life that is time proven and irrefutable.

I like simplicity because simple things work. Simple things are replicable. Simple things are attainable by anyone.

And that is how success should be – simple. It should be understandable and achievable by anyone with the desire and determination to be great.

All too often get caught up in the latest fads of gimmicks, but sooner or later they fade away. What remains and endures are age old principles. That is what this book is about – giving you principles that have been proven to work for millenia.

Be Destiny Driven and focused

You can shorten your success journey and avoid all the frustration of trying one thing after another. Focus is importat and avoiding clutter is important to long term success and achievement.

With these five simple principles in place and sorted, you an be more focused as to what you add on and be sure that it is contributing to a specific direction you are taking. Progress will be quicker and more impactful to your overall purpose and mission in life.The road will be demystified once and for all.

Take control of your destiny on purpose

In Destiny On Purpose, Dr Moses Simuyemba shows you how to unleash your greatness, using five simple but powerful principles.

Destiny On Purpose -Unleash Your Greatness, In Five Simple Steps

Learn how to live on purpose and fulfil your destiny for a more successful, happier, and impactful life.

– Discover the Five “P”s of destiny

– Break through your barriers

– Improve your ability to live with passion and focus

– Take control of your life and your results

– Identify opportunities for focused progress

“I take great pride in this work. It is a culmination of my learning in personal development and success in life over the past two decades or so. It is my gift to humanity in sharing what I have learnt in forty years of living. It is my gift to you, to help you on your journey and to help you unleash your greatness, no matter what stage of it you are at.” Dr Moses Simuyemba