Destiny Scorecard – Be More, Achieve More, Live More

Be More, Achieve More, Live More

Here’s how you can know if you are doing the right things to be able to live a focused, happy, fulfilled and impactful life by taking the Destiny Scorecard.

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The scorecard is a set of 40 questions around each element of the Five “P”s of Destiny, as outlined in the book “Destiny On Purpose” authored by Dr Moses Simuyemba, that will help you assess how close or far you are to being a Destiny Driven Person.

Take this short assessment,discover your Destiny Score and increase your ability to live a more focused, happy, fulfilled and impactful life.

  • Discover your destiny score.
  • Measure yourself against five strengths of highly successful and impactful people; Adaptability, Vision, Readiness, Audacity and Intuition.
  • Predict your ability to live a focused, successful, happy and impactful life.
  • Identify opportunities for focused progress with this short, 15 minutes assessment.

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Scorecard3.pngThe scorecard will measure you against the 5 key elements of destiny

Adaptability – Change is the one constant of life and how fast you adapt to it influences your chances of success greatly. Your ability to be flexible on the road to success is important, which makes knowing your limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits critical. Find out how well you know and utilise your abilities.

Vision – Most people go through life without a clear and compelling sense of where they are headed and the results are plain to see. Are you one of the laser focused few on their way to doing great things or you can only see 3 feet in front of you?

Readiness – When it comes to being ready for that big opportunity it is vital you start preparing early enough. Too little too late or no preparation at all and you are destined for failure. How well are you doing in preparing for your major life goals?

Audacity – It is clear that life gives many of us the same chances yet few exploit them and do well. What are the things that make all the difference when it comes to “taking the bull by the horns” and do you have what it takes?

Intuition – No matter how well you prepare, sometimes it all boils down to that gut feeling about what you should do. But is it all left to chance or can you do something in advance to train that “gut feeling” so it can give you informed and enlightened answers and propel you to greater success?

Find out how well you are doing in each of these areas.

Discover your score in less than 15 minutes