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Dr Moses Simuyemba has written a lot of books over the years as well as publishing on his website, Motivation for Dreamers. As a certified coach and medical doctor, he has a passion for helping people to be their best. Here are some quick testimonials about how his work has impacted people’s lives.


“Greatness lies in you! And you are sharing it marvellously!!” Ian Membe

“Never have I seen such a remarkable blend of sagacity and talent. Your articles, to me, are so much more than an inspiration. I really find them life-fulfilling and immensely enriching. your brilliance is astounding.” Suwilanji Situmbeko

“This is what Africa has been missing. Great motivational writers like you.” Kellys

“Your brilliance is thought-provoking, and the style of your writing is mastery. It’s a privilege to read your articles and in my eyes, you are a living legend.” Muzunga

“Your inspiration is making me to be a better person.” Lukhanyo Spofana

“People like you help us unlock the great potential trapped in every person. You have changed so many people in your own special way. You have registered yourself as a great man today and tomorrow.” Malindi Lubinda

“Many people talk about making a difference but you went out and did it! Dean Sampano

“I believe that God has used you to make me continue dreaming when all my dreams begin to fade away; to make me hope when all hope is lost.” Herman Mkandawire

“Your motivational articles have indeed been a great inspiration, so energising and life changing.” Kapila Mulenga

“It is absolutely amazing to read your articles and just learn so much from you. You are simply a light and great motivation for me.” Josephine Chibangulula

About Dr Moses and Destiny on purpose

“This book is what I have learnt about purpose and destiny in my first 40 years that I would like to remember on my journey as well as share with others for their success.”

As I was approaching my 40th birthday, I reflected on all I had learned about life and living in my time in this world. This reflection soon became a burning obsession to organise all that learning into something more tangible and meaningful.

That is what led to the writing of this book. “Destiny on Purpose” is what I have learnt about purpose and desyiny in my journey generally but particularly as a life coach, writer and motivational speaker. It is what I have learnt about living a purposeful life that I would like to remember for the next stage of my life, and also share with you to help you on your personal journey.

It is my fourth book, but my most important writing to date because it brings with it all the wisdom of my other books in a concise and focused manner that is aimed at helping you to record tangible progress and results. This is my formula for success and achieving my destiny.

The simplicity of the five principles shared in this book is what excites me the most, because it means anyone can apply them. No rocket science here, just plain sense and simplicity. It is a formula that will work for anyone willing to apply it. It is a formula that has been proven over millenia.

This book is my personal guide as I reach for my destiny and it is a big part of that destiny. I have no doubt it can be your guide too.

on a personal note

When I am not writing I enjoy perfecting my photography skills or heading to the gym to keep fit and look good. Many of the photos on this website were taken by me.

My work as a medical doctor, researcher and public health specialist keeps me pretty busy most of the time and I enjoy it immensely.  I am passionate about teaching and so I am happy that my work also involves lecturing and supervising university students.

On the family side I am a proud father to  four children, two boys and two girls: Shiza, Bernice, Chana and Jadon. They are my world! If they were the only people to ever read my books that would be worth it all.

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