17 Reasons You Are Underachieving And Unfulfilled

You can get past being unfulfilled and unhappy with your progress

Sometimes, we all get in a rut and despite our best intentions and being ever busy we find ourselves stuck and not making progress at all. The rat race becomes all too real, busy but going nowhere fast. Here are a couple fo reasons you may be stuck and how to handle them.

1. You have no clear and inspiring long-term vision
Every great achiever is driven by a burning vision of what they want to achieve and what they want to be. The desire to attain it keeps them pushing forward. Without this you are a boat tossed about by life’s waves, unlikely to move in any direction consistently enough to achieve anything worthwhile.

2. You don’t mind your own business
Even in your personal life you are in some form of business, not just in the corporate sense of the word. Mission is applicable to your personal life too. Without it, you will end up in any businesss or be caught up in other people’s business. Either way, the business you should be in will suffer if you do not have your own mission in life.

3. You limit yourself
Short-sightedness comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is being content with what you have achieved and therefore not looking to achieve more, and sometimes it is being restricted in what you think you are capable of achieving. Breaking through these mental barriers to ultimate success is important to achieving and being more.

4. You do not prepare well in advance
Let’s face it, preparation can be downright boring when the test is nowhere in sight. It can also be hard to find the time and zeal to prepare for something in the future when there are so many current pressures. But preparing consistently is the key to being on top and being your best always.

5. You do not prepare for the correct things
So you are preparing well in advance but your are rather willy-nilly about it and touching so many different things it becomes unclear what your objective or direction is in preparing. Couple this with no long term and clear vision and you have a recipe for mediocrity.

6. You are indisciplined
That’s a word we usually do not like to hear – discipline. It seems uncompromising and unrelenting. But that is exactly what you need to be when it comes to your personal vision and goals. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get very far in the face of life’s pressures.

7. You give up too easily
So you have tried so many things and they just all did not work out? Did you give them enough time to mature or for you to become proficient at them? All too often we underestimate the difficulties we will encounter when trying to achieve something and are overly optimistic. Balance is necessary om both ends, coupled with perseverance.

8. You do not have a cheerleading squad
Everybody needs one or two cheerleaders. Life can be tough. The journey can be hard. A helping hand or word of encouragement can go a long way to spur you on. Oh…and avoid the “booers” and naysayers at all costs.

9. You are a one man show
It can be hard to get the right people on your team. It can be hard to sell your vision to others. But one way or another relationships matter to whatever you are trying to do. Invest in the right ones and get help where and when you need it.

10. You do not identify and/or grab opportunities presented to you
Opportunities are  everywhere and if you are too you will miss them all. Focus on being able to identify those opportunities that are important to your goals and vision. Once identified, utilise them to their fullest.

11. You do not create your own opportunities
Stop whining about not getting enough opportunities and go out there and grab them. If you really know what you want that should not be too hard.

12. You have no resource base
So the opportunities come and go and you just do not have the resources to grab them? That deal came and you did not have enough money for it or enough equipment for it. Know what business you are in and ensure you prepare thoroughly for it resource-wise so you do not miss the party.

13. You don’t take care of your mental and physical health
Being healthy both mentally and physically is a basic requirement for excelling in life. You might take these for granted, but without them you are going nowhere fast, or make that slow. You get the point. It sucks to be unwell and certainly you will not be your best at such times. Besides that, you can have all the money in the world, but without health, you will not enjoy it at all.

14. You have a negative self-image
You can never succeed nor excel above your expectations of yourself. Your self-image is the limit of what you can be. It does not matter how lofty your goals are, they will always be limited by what you think you are capable of and deserve.

15. You do not have a mentor or coach
Progress can be slow without someone who can guide you and help you unlock your potential. You may already have all the solutions you need to excel, you may just now know how to bring them out. A coach or mentor can help.

16. You do not invest enough in your personal development
Some people spend more money on fun, games and booze than on their future. If you are one of these it may be time to reconsider your priorities. Even if you just do not have an abundance of cash, knowing where to put it for ultimate future benefit is critical.

17. You have no clear strategy for execution
You may be very bright and invested a lot over the years to develop yourself. But it could all be jumbled up in your head and you are not clear how it all comes together. Strategy may be the missing step.

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  1. Very true. Iam guilty of especially 9 to 15.

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