Facebook Support Group – “The Ultimate Depression Suvival Kit”

This group was set up for people like you who may need help from others that have been through depression and/or who would like to help others too.

However, so that you do not get distracted from the main programme, you can only have access to this group after you are done with the 30 day programme.

You will get to ask questions and get answers from other helpful and caring people worldwide and this will make it easier for you to apply what you learn with “The Ultimate Depression Survival Kit!”

You might be thinking you can’t share your life and struggles with strangers online because it is all too personal. That’s not true for you because the group is strictly managed and the rules are clear to everyone and strictly enforced.

If you do not feel like sharing you can simply follow the conversation and still learn a great deal.

Just fill in your details below to be added to the group.

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