Day 9 – The Great Depression Blackhole & How To Avoid It

Welcome to day 9 of “The Ultimate Depression Survival Kit – How To Overcome & Masters Depression” 30 day programme.

To get the most out of this programme, watch the day’s Depression Mastery and Expert Insights videos as a minimum before you go through the workbook for the day. Other material presented on the page would be highly beneficial to go through as well, but you can do so even after going through the workbook with these. Remember to take your time, do not rush through the programme. Pace yourself. Practice mindfulness.

Depression Mastery Video

Workbook & Links for Day 9

After watching the Depression Mastery and Expert Insights videos, go through the workbook questions and exercises for the day. Download today’s workboo below

Research Article Resources

Only reserach articles that are discussed re presented here. For more articles please refer to the “Research Summaries” Resource Book.

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