Overcome Depression

“The Ultimate Depression Survival Kit – How to Overcome & Master Depression!”

Welcome to the “Ultimate Depression Survival Kit – How To Overcome & Master Depression.” You are on an empowering journey to free yourself from depresson and live a more fulfilling and happier life.

How To Overcome & Master Depression – 30 Day Programme Details

Below you will find links to each day of the programme. Under each day you will be able to access the following items relevant to that day:

  • Depression Mastery Videos: Learn the most important things you need to know in order to master depression. These videos will take you through the basics of depression, risk factors for depression, strategies that work when it comes to overcoming depression and the most important things you need to do as an individual to be depression free – all backed up by solid science.
  • Workbook & Relevant Links: This is a resource to accompany each of the Depression Mastery videos. It contains useful exercises and questions to help you apply the learning in these videos to yourself. There are also resources and links for practical things you can do after watching each video.
  • Expert Insights Videos: I spent hours interviewing various experts on mental health to get their hard-earned professional opinions and advice. But you do not have to spend all that time gathering this knowledge, it is all there for you already!
  • Research Articles: For each day you get PDF copies of the most relevant research articles on the topic of the day, for the science oriented who would like to get into more detail on the groundreaking and latest research on depression.

Day 1 – The Key To Overcoming and Mastering Depression For Good

Day 3 – The Biggest Secret To Overcoming Depression

Day 6 – 13 Depression Myths & Misconceptions Busted

Day 9 – The Great Depression Blackhole & How To Avoid It

Day 12 – How To Get The Most From Professional Help

Day 15 – Secrets To Having Unbeatable Energy

Day 18 – The #1 Method To Gain Absolute Mental Freedom

Day 21 – How To Live Your Best Life, Right Now & Right Here!

Day 24 – The Escape Artist Bag of Tricks to Beat Depression

Day 27 – Your Biggest Problem Right Now – Yes, I know It!

Day 30 – 15 Scientific Secrets To Beat Depression You Can Use Right Away