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I have always felt frustrated by how poorly Africa is represented to the outside world when it comes to our local products being known and appreciated. For a long time I have wanted to find a way to be able to show the world what amazing talent we have in Africa and how our products can be worldclass without having to be Westernised. If…

CHAPTER 1 – To All The Dreamers Out There

Turn off the T.V. Turn down the volume on your radio. Block out all noise. Be quiet and listen. Listen for just five minutes. I don’t want you to pay attention for my sake, but for yours. Are you not worth five minutes of your own time?

Research Tips – Value Of Qualitative Research

One of the most irritating things for me is how quantitative researchers tend to dismiss qualitative research findings when they do not really understand the methodology fully. How can you use both methodologies better?

Life Journeys – Congratulations To My Friends, & A Little Life Lesson

Commit to your personal journey and you will reap the benefits with time.

Research Tips – Informed Consent Process Made Super Easy

These tips will also help you to calm your nereves as you prepare for and go about your research work.