Modern Parenting – Do Not Be This Kind Of Parent

Modern parenting can be a minefield and very challenging task. Sometimes it is hard to know whether you are doing enough for your children to become responsible and successful adults. But can you be guilty of doing too much for them? Where do you draw the line? Let’s talk about what the basics of parenting should be.

Stop This Nonsense Now – Getting Your Power Back

Relationships, whether intimate or family, can sometimes be stressful, unproductive and even unhealthy or lethal. How do you set limits for yourself and ensure you are not a victim of a bad relationship? Dr Moses shares his insights on this.

The Wonder Of The Human Spirit

When travelling lately, I prefer watching inflight movies that are either based on real life events or are inspirational in some way. I was therefore thrilled to come across a movie called “Wonder” on an Emirates flight from Lusaka to Dubai. The true-life story of August Pullman, a boy born with a facial deformity. Having undergone multiple surgeries to reconstruct his face, he had…

Trust & I – Our Dangerous Tango

Trust and I, we go back a long way. She has been my good companion all my life. As a child, I thought nothing bad of her. I felt she could always be depended upon. Even when she showed she could not, IĀ could not comprehend the meaning or magnitude of her actions. As a teenager, she still felt safe, though somewhat more mysterious. Black…