Secret #2: How To Deal With Depression From A Whole-Person Perspective

Many people going through depression are stuck on one or at most two solutions for handling depression, which are normally counselling or antidepressants. But do you know there are so many other ways to overcome depression that are sometimes even easier to implement and have more lasting results?  Listen to this episode below: By the way, if you really want to be depression-free, this…

Are You Taking Enough Responsibility For Your Mental Health?

Going through depression can be a tough experience and help can be hard to get. But are you helping yourself enough too? By the way, you can grab this New Free Video I just released on how to be depression-free! You can get it FREE here:

My First Podcast – An Adventure Into Mental Health

I am excited to launch my Podcast which is titled “An Adventure Into Mental Health & Depression”. Listen to the the first episode below. Want more? If you really want to be depression-free, this Free Video lays it all out for you! Check it out here

An Adventure Into Mental Health

The Backstory I was an unhappy workaholic trying to recover from mental fatigue and lack of clarity. I really wanted to figure out why I was so low in mental energy and sickly physically, so I wouldn’t have to go through life feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and ineffective. The Desire I really wanted to be able to feel better so I could get my energy,…

Suicide & Depression – What Can You Do?

Depression related suicide is a growing problem, particularly amongst younger people and men. How can you recognise the warning signs in yourself or in others that may need help? What can you do to prevent it or help? Find out more about this little-talked about subject in this interview with Walk With Me Foundation founder and mental health advocate Ms Pearl Phelendaba Chunga. By…