Books by Dr Moses Simuyemba
Books by Dr Moses Simuyemba

As an author and speaker, I am passionate about personal development and self-actualisation or bringing out the best in myself and others. Professionally, I am a Public Health and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, with a medical background, involved in consultancy work in this field. I also work in academia and enjoy the research and teaching.

As a “student and teacher of self-actualisation through love and faith in self and others and dedication to the truth” (my personal mission), I have authored several books as listed below:

Destiny On Purpose – “Unlease Your Greatness, Using Five Simpe Principles”

Power Principles For Purposeful Living – “Powerful And Life-Changing Lessons On How To Maximise Your Potential And Live Your Dreams”

Power Principles For Fearless & Abundant Living – “How To Let Go of Fear & Embrace Prosperity”

The Way Of Wisdom – “Inspiring Stories and Poetry from Around The World”

Check out this blog for more inspiring and uplifting motivational articles, quotes, pictures and posters.

I am also a passionate photographer and fitness enthusiast. My greatest joys are my four beautiful and amazing children, Shiza, Bernice, Chana and Jadon.

“You are all  you can be. Go on and be it.”

Moses Chikoti

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