Research Tips – Value Of Qualitative Research

One of the most irritating things for me is how quantitative researchers tend to dismiss qualitative research findings when they do not really understand the methodology fully. How can you use both methodologies better?

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  1. Excellent analysis! Am just from presenting my research proposal for my 2nd PHD after being rejected the first time on account of it being a qualitative approach. Personally am strong in qualitative research and as you have rightly put it, there things that beg for answers that cannot be quantitatively analyzed. Nevertheless, after delving into the quantitative methodology, I have come to love the facts and reliability it brings to the research. What is important is to strike a balance and that’s where the mixed methodology comes in. Most importantly, it is the research methodology should be determined by the research objectives or questions that need to be achieved and answered. Unfortunately, some supervisors will completely condemn one methodology in preference to what they want.

    • Thanks for your contribution Shadreck and sorry to hear about your exeperience. But, I am happy that you have managed on the second attempt. Indeed we need to instill the value of both methodologies and apply them appropriately.

  2. Thank you so much very informative indeed.

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