Lost In The Jungle Of Life

Screenshot from the movie "Jungle" - Yossi Ghinsberg

Screenshot from the movie “Jungle”

That is the face of a man that has just been rescued from the jaws of death.

The movie, “Jungle”, which  I watched on a recent flight was captivating and inspiring. Lost in the jungle for three weeks after a thrill-seeking hike with friends and a rogue “guide”, Yossi Ghinsberg was on the verge of death.

Swept off his raft by a raging river and inexperience, he managed to survive that initial setback and miraculously managed to evade both beast and nature wandering alone in the jungle. Suffering from hunger, cold and mental confused after wondering around in circles trying to find his way back to civilisation, the only thing that saved him was a friend who never gave up on him when the odds of survival seemed against him.

Everyone had given up hope of finding him. They were not even looking for his body. They were certainly not expecting him to survive so long in the jungle alone.

His friend, Kevin Cale, was initially with him when the river separated them. Nothing is told of how he himself survived and made his way back to find help for Yossi, but no doubt it took courage and stamina. But keeping the hope of his friend still being alive, that took faith and persistence. He had lots of it.

It reminded me that in life, we must never give up on anyone until we are sure it is all over. Often times we have friends that may be lost in the jungle of life and facing many difficulties alone.

They are looking for a way out. They are looking for a way back to normality and comfort.  We must not be the ones to put the nail in the coffin without proof that all is lost. We must be the friend that can be depended on to help them in such time of need. You could be their last hope so do all you can.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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