Flying High With Inpsiration



I love to travel. When I fly I feel like my mind has been renewed. When in one place for a long time, I feel stuck, trapped, limited. But flying brings a sense of freedom. It brings inspiration that makes the impossible seem possible.

I mean, who would have imagined a few millennia ago that a machine weighing several hundred tonnes would be able to lift off and float in the air? Who would have thought man could travel faster than sound, let alone look down on the clouds?

The men who pioneered flying did. They thought it. They dreamed it. They dared to dream beyond what most men dare to dream. Most men dream within the realms of the possible, what has existed and what has been done before. They simply fit themselves within the present reality.

But there are the few that dream beyond what is currently possible. Those that dream with their imagination. Those that let their hearts guide them to know what is possible even when it seems impossible.

Those are the men and women I aspire to be like. Those that want more than what already is. Those that withstood the ridicule and taunting of those with lesser dreams. Those that withstood their own doubts and frustrations and soldiered on. Those that tried and tried, and failed. But they tried again and again and again, and succeeded.

Flying reminds me of those people. Where would we be had it not been for them? What would civilisation be like now if we did not have the ability to move between continents in a matter of hours?

When I fly, I remember my dreams. I remember to let them free, to let them soar and lead me to new horizons of possibility. When I fly, I am free, with no limits. The possibilities are endless before me.

When I touch down again I feel renewed and ready to take  on the challenges I face. I feel ready to pursue my dreams with new vigour. Energised.

Just like those pioneers that lived ahead of their time, I will not be denied. I will have my breakthrough. I will achieve the impossible. Because in my mind…it is already possible.

Let it be.

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